Electrical Safety Audit

This is most neglected area by Anyone & Every one , mostly in India . Our Federal Structure has created a Safety Stick by formation of Inspectorate Deptt. And we Technicians close our eyes to limit , we can seek only approvals of Inspectorate office.

Though We know the details of Technical aspect of Performance and safety norms for our machine /process yet ignore / assign our own safety into the hands of Inspectorate office . We do not understand / consider the limitations of Inspectorate office to acquire knowledge of complete spectrum of Machine / Technology / Process / Use of Resources. Once approved ( Wrongly or Rightly ), we tide ourselves to work under those conditions . More so , We manytimes , even oversee / neglect the minimum safety norms defined by Inspectorate / machine manufacturer / technology supplier or Technology experts. We adopt the safety norms as per our convenience, We must follow No compromise / minimum specified norms / procedures for our own safety.

We at GSTechnocrats. Along with Energy Audit , study / highlight the Safety Standards followed by operating personnel in the Industry / Complex. After study and analysis , We define /specify the minimum justified / practical safety standards for the machine/ process / Industry.

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