Energy Audit

We have a team of specialist in Electrical Engineering, Energy management and Resource management has got an experience of various Types of Industries / Commercial establishment and Residential . Every site has got , a different set of environment / thought process / its own challenges but with one Goal / target, HOW TO OPTIMIZE OUR USE OF RESOURCES.

Resources include Air , Water , Fuel , Electricity , Oils, Manpower , Environment ( Climate conditions).

We at GST , look into all aspects of pain for our clients. We study the process in detail, measure the consumption of materials / power/ water / air / fuels and discuss with masters of the process and suggest alternatives , to reduce their consumptions and hence its process cost.

  • We look into Technology application for the machine employed for the process , make a detailed study of specific consumptions or each machine / each process and compare its international Norms or its with Industry specific norms.
  • We study / educate on Power management i.e Contract Demand and Power factor.
  • We look into Equipment Efficiency specification vs Performance.
  • We look into and identify direct and indirect wastages of resources , because of deficiencies of Awareness, Skill and Technology employed.

  • We study and analyse The Power quality i.e Power stability and Harmoincs Contents.
  • We study into Machine maintenance and machine health parameters .

Then we conclude the efficiency matrix of the process / Industry / Complex as a whole and suggest the action plan for Optimization of use of resources / optimization of process cost for sustainable growth of the Industry.

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