Energy Management

Why Energy Management

India is a Developing nation. Its per capita Energy Consumption is very low. To achieve Economic Growth, we need to & have to use more & more energy to increase the pace of development. We need to increase the manufacturing of good in Quality & Volume. It is estimated that Industrial energy use in developing countries constitutes about 45-50 % of the total commercial energy consumption. Much of this energy is converted from imported oil, the price of which has increased tremendously so much so that most of developing countries spent more than 50 % of their foreign exchange earnings.

Generation of power needs resources. Resources available on earth are of Diminishing Nature. It is getting depleted very fast with time as use is increasing exponentially. There are some resources, which are Renewable e.g. Solar Power, Wind Power and Geothermal Power. Technology is also being developed to harness these Renewable Resources to generate Power. The capital investment requirement is very high as compared to normally available resources. It can be quoted here that with the available technology, we could hardly generate 5% of total power generation as on date .Hence, to restrict the use or increase the life of diminishing type of resources.

Let us see the other aspect of life, whereas everybody can not understand all technical reasons or benefits of the whole world until he himself realizes some benefit for his action or efforts. In this competitive world, cost competitiveness is very very essential for survival of every individual. To establish any work / motive or task, energy in one or other form is an essential component.

Thus the need to conserve energy, particularly in industry and commerce is strongly felt as the energy cost takes up substantial share in the overall cost structure of the operation. Hence it calls MANAGEMENT OF ENERGY or in other words MANAGEMENT OF RESOURCES or ENERGY CONSERVATION. It becomes clear from the above data & statement that Energy needs to be Managed / Resources needs to be managed irrespective of a DEVELOPED NATION or A DEVELOPING NATION.

How to Manage Energy ?

Energy management is not by chance / incident / accident. It is a Mission with a Target. It can not be done single handedly or by sitting on a table. It needs coordinated effort by team of energy conscious people with a milestone to be established. Very concerted efforts in a planned manner to established Energy Management. Strategy needs to be established based on the Target of Energy Conservation.

Strategy / Methodology of Energy Management

Having established the need of Energy Management / Conservation. A systematic approach needs to be discussed and concluded. Same of steps to reach to the target of Energy Conservation can be listed as below: -

  1. Identification of Inefficient areas / Equipments: -
    • Enlistment or knowledge of type of energy being used
    • Study of machines / Technology employed.
    • Process study and identification of major energy consumption areas.
    • In depth process study to identify the inefficient use of energy.
  • 2. Identification of Technology / Equipment requirement.
  • 3. Discussion, Brain storming & Conclusion of resources requirement.
  • 4. Management of resources like Manpower, Machine or Technology.
  • 5. Evaluate your actions / efforts to estimate the Rate of Return
  • 6. Implementation of New Process / New Technology / New Machines.
  • 7. Re-evaluate your actions / Your Efforts.



Energy Management Techniques

1)Self knowledge & Awareness among the masses -
For the successful Energy management & implementation, the knowledge of process & machine for the leader is very important. On the first instance, there is always a resistance from the user. There might be psychological mind blocks in the user’s mind. This needs to be made known & clarified. It is further more important to make the owner of the process understand the cost benefit of the energy conservation. Creating Awareness to the process owner can give most economic & low cost solutions to save energy. We have realized about 5 % of energy saving just because of Awareness of the people.

Example -

  1. We advertised the concept of
    Zero Production = Zero Power consumption.
    People realized this concept and they started switching off the Auxiliaries during Idling of main machines.
  2. Later on, we introduced microprocessor-based timer to auto switch off auxiliary equipments during Idle period of machines.

2)Re-engineering and Technology Up gradations -

After utilizing the low cost or awareness concept, we need to do in depth study the process / machine. We need to ascertain, the scope & extent of Energy Conservation in the area under consideration. Evaluate the existing situation / employed technology interms of process requirements & production capacity & capability. Sometimes, we do land into a situation of handicap with machine capacity & capability for the sake of Energy Conservation. It must not be done. Once it is established, that there is a potential of energy optimization. We need to start evaluation & re-engineering of the process / equipment. It may be terms of layout, motor capacity, types of starters employed, nature of loads etc.

3)Technology Upgradations -

After having established the scope of energy conservation in the specified area. The latest technology availability is suitability, sustainability & pricing needs to be studied. Economics needs to be worked out like Pay back period, Return of Investment, Quality of energy savings etc.

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