Training Energy Management

  • Avoid loading of all equipments to maximum simultaneously.
  • Switch off equipment power completely if the production is not scheduled.
  • Identify the equiment like Blower Fans, Water Pumps which are not operating at Full Load i.e
  • Check whether outlet and Suction Valves of the pumps are fully opened.
  • Check whether motor is taking the current equal to its rated current.
  • To avoid the wastage of power in such cases by the use of variable speed drive.

Use of Automation Technology

Zero Production = Zero Power Consumption

For the successful Energy management & implementation, the knowledge of process & machine for the leader is very important. On the first instance, there is always a resistance from the user. There might be psychological mind blocks in the users mind. This needs to be made known & clarified. It is further more important to make the owner of the process understand the cost benefit of the energy conservation. Creating Awareness to the process owner can give most economic & low cost solutions to save energy. We have realized about 5 % of energy saving just because of Awareness of the people.
Microprocessor-based timer to auto switch off auxiliary equipments during Idle period of machines.

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